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    We are a leader in the production of machining tools. Our products are highly appreciated by customers from all over the world. Our customers include the leaders in the automotive, aviation, medical or home appliance industry sectors.

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      About WHIZCUT

      We are the suppliers of a wide range of tools for machining, we specialize in market tools for machining holes. A wide range, technical advice, technical service and modern customer service solutions are decisive for customer satisfaction.

      the vision
      We are people with a passion to create.
      We listen to you and see your work.
      We know how to use the latest technologies.
      We provide simple and intuitive solutions anywhere in the world.
      We create and improve cutting tools.

      the task
      We support you on your way to success. Thanks to our tools you achieve efficiency and stability in the production process while creating your best product.

      the values
      Openness, passion, respect