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    Our range of products includes threading tools for milling and engraving (our specialty), as well as tools for grooving, sanding, boring and parting, sanding, gear milling and more.




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      About CARMEX

      Carmex Precision Tools Ltd is a leading manufacturer of high quality cutting tools. The company was founded in 1988 in Ma’alot, located in the beautiful northwest region of Israel.

      product lines
      The Carmax company specializes in the production of threading tools for engraving and milling. Our product lines include:

      Thread turning inserts and tool holders
      Solid carbide with ground wire
      Mill-thread inserts and tool holders
      Spiral mill thread
      Slim MT
      slotted tools
      Tiny tools
      Swiss tools
      CMT vertical milling
      A spinning thread
      End Mills
      mini champer
      diamond tool
      In addition, we have a dental division that produces dental drills for the dental implant industry.
      The company’s various product lines are recognized worldwide for their advanced technology, their reliable range lines that offer precise geometry, excellent cutting performance and long tool life.

      The products and service we provide meet and exceed the highest standards. Carmax also produces special tools according to customer requirements.