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    TEKNIK’s production and design teams are all educated and certified under the ISO 9001:2015 quality standard to serve you better.



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      About TEKNIK

      Teknik Makine was established in 1987 in Turkey. Teknik Makina Tools started producing cutting tools in 1994. Over 5,000 types of tools are produced in a new factory building located in the fourth industrial zone of Konya since 2015. There are 40 production lines capable of producing multiple categories at the same time. The production and design teams are all educated and certified according to the quality standard ISO 9001:2015 to serve you better.

      The company headquarters is also located in Konya.
      The Konya and Istanbul branches are dedicated to marketing and sales. Teknik Makine engages in international trade as an exporter of cutting tools with many countries all over the world. Teknik Makine offers you the highest level of quality, service and reliability, in the shortest delivery time with the best price, guaranteed. You can request samples to experience our products as well.